At The Gallery

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January 3 – 31
Mountain Valley Arts Council is excited to announce the first exhibit in our 2019 lineup: a collection of original paintings by Valerie Kennedy Pailloz! The exhibit opens January 3rd and runs through January 31st.

Valerie is a fifth-generation resident of Guntersville and Warrenton. She is the daughter of Cranston and Dorothy Rains Kennedy and the granddaughter of James and Lucile Smith Rains. Lucile Rains was a renowned local Guntersville artist and teacher for many years and would go on to help found the Art On The Lake Art Festival. Valerie took her first early art lessons from her grandmother. After retiring as the Senior Director of Computer Sciences Corporation in Virginia, she pursued other local community interests. She is the former Director of the Guntersville Museum and President of the Guntersville Historical Society. She graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Birmingham-Southern College in Music and earned a Masters’ at UAB.

Valerie’s art specialty is general landscape and waterscapes. She enjoys working in acrylic, watercolor, and oil often venturing into mixed media. Her technique is generally a mix of traditional and impressionism.  Valerie has been painting for roughly three years, with the intent to push into the gouache medium in 2019.

Valerie finds inspiration from sources such as antique photographs, nature, rural America/AL, old cabins, bridges, barns, and the beautiful Lake Guntersville. Her paintings evoke feelings of contentment, nostalgia, and tend to draw the viewer into the scene.

There will be an artist reception celebrating Valerie’s work at the MVAC ART Gallery on Thursday January 10th from 5-7pm.

MVAC is in dire need of art supplies, and we are calling on the people of Marshall County to help us. These supplies will then be utilized by county agencies such as the Crain Court Youth Center, the Court Appointed Juvenile Advocates, Guntersville Child Development Centers of Marshall County, Kelley’s Rainbow Shelter, the Child Advocacy Center, and many more. Some of the supplies needed include but aren’t limited to: pencils, crayons, coloring pages, and cardboard.