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Child advocacy center Art to be auctioned at corks & Chefs

Innerweave for CDC.jpg

Innerweave, 24” wide x 20” tall Starting bid: $125


The children of the Child Advocacy Center met for Art Camp, sponsored by Mountain Valley Arts Council, in early June. They painted two abstract, acrylic paintings on watercolor paper, which they cut into strips. They wove personal pieces for themselves and shared the rest of their creation to make the art work, “Innerweave.” Bright primary colors mixed with drawings and dark tones entwine into a rich symbol of life and how we are all united. As we spend time with each other, our lives merge together to surround each other with love and support.

The primary colors in this work speak to emotions and feelings. Dark values of blue, blacks, reds and purples merge and then emerge as the sun on the right side of the art. 

The solid base provides support as children reach into the world to make a difference in their lives.

Get $35 tickets to the Corks & Chefs event that will occur on July 22nd.

Corks & Chefs 2019.jpg

Planning for the September 2019 Exhibit

This exibit will showcase the favorite art of MVAC members. It can be art you made and want to sell, bought, or were given. Participants will be first come/first serve, so send us an email ( if you will participate, so we can know when the Gallery is full. We need this info:

  • Art piece name

  • Medium

  • Dimensions

  • Artist

  • Owner

  • For sale or not for sale

  • Digital image of the art piece (phone photo is fine)

You’ll need to drop off the art Saturday, August 31st during gallery hours. The reception will be Thursday, September 5th and will also be the annual MVAC members meeting with election of new board members. Pickup after the exhibit is over will be Saturday, September 28th.

Let’s share and celebrate the art that truly speaks to us!

2019 FALL Concert Series.jpg


Anne Blue on Exhibit During July

Anne Blue was born and raised in Alabama, graduated from Auburn University, traveled extensively, and now resides in the Langston area. The good part is that she has continued her artwork throughout and exhibits in Sancramento, CA, but you only have to travel to 300 Gunter Avenue in Guntersville to see a wonderful exhibit of her work which varies from medium - pencil, charcoal, acrylics, and oils - to topics - racehorses, flowers, portraints, and more horses.

The reception July 11th was well attended, and many of the art pieces were sold, but will still be on display until the exhibit closes. Come see this art while you can.

Anne Blue - July 2019.jpg

New or Gently Used Art Supplies Needed

MVAC is always collecting new and gently used art supplies. These supplies are distributed to agencies such as the Crain Court Youth Center, the Court Appointed Juvenile Advocates (CAJA), Guntersville Child Development Centers of Marshall County, Kelley’s Rainbow Shelter,and the Child Advocacy Center (CAC).

Art supplies such as these are needed: pencils, crayons, coloring paper (not coloring books), and unprinted cardboard for free-form art activities.

Bring the supplies to the concerts or to the MVAC Gallery (and see the exhibits while you’re there!).

Upcoming 2019 Exhibits.jpg

The July 6th Watermelon in Watercolor by the Water art workshop at Riverview Campground

Thanks to our hosts, MVAC Members, Denise and Craig Cornwell, owner of Riverview Campground!


Note that an acrylics weave art piece by all the children who participated will be part of the silent auction at the Corks & Chefs event July 22nd at Guntersville Town Hall. Last year’s art piece raised $400 for this important agency.