At The Gallery


 January 6 - 26

Mountain Valley Arts Council is pleased to announce the first exhibit of the 2018 year featuring the beautiful work of Katie Adams. This exhibit, which is collection of original paintings,  will open on January 6th and run through January 26th.

Katie Adams grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.  As a girl, she drew countless unicorns and ponies inside her beloved purple Trapper Keeper.  As time marched on, Katie foolishly abandoned art in pursuit of loftier aspirations, and received her B.S. in Finance from Auburn University.

After miserably working in a soul-sucking office for two years, Katie burned her control-top panty hose and heels forever, and reestablished her love of painting and drawing. She currently lives in Birmingham with her loving and very patient husband, two awesome sons, one dog, two cats, two guinea pigs,  and a basketful of laundry that needs to be folded (probably).

There will be an artist reception celecrating Ms. Adams' work at the MVAC ART Gallery on January 11th from 5-7pm. 

MVAC is in dire need of art supplies, and we are calling on the people of Marshall County to help us. These supplies will then be utilized by county agencies such as the Crain Court Youth Center, the Court Appointed Juvenile Advocates, Guntersville Child Development Centers of Marshall County, Kelley’s Rainbow Shelter, the Child Advocacy Center, and many more. Some of the supplies needed include but aren’t limited to: pencils, crayons, coloring pages, and cardboard.