At The Gallery

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February 6 – 28
Mountain Valley Arts Council is excited to announce the next exhibit in our 2019 lineup of exhibits. “I Dream To Be…” is an exhibit of work created by the children of the Crain Court Youth Center. The exhibit opens February 6th and runs through February 28th.

Every year, several dedicated MVAC Board Members work with the Crain Court Youth Center to create an exhibit that showcases the burgeoning talent that Guntersville has to offer. This year's exhibit focuses on what each child imagines their future self as. 

There will be an artist reception showcasing their work at the MVAC ART Gallery on Thursday February 7th from 3:30-5pm.

MVAC is in dire need of art supplies, and we are calling on the people of Marshall County to help us. These supplies will then be utilized by county agencies such as the Crain Court Youth Center, the Court Appointed Juvenile Advocates, Guntersville Child Development Centers of Marshall County, Kelley’s Rainbow Shelter, the Child Advocacy Center, and many more. Some of the supplies needed include but aren’t limited to: pencils, crayons, coloring pages, and cardboard.